Wenz Courage (ウエンス・クラージュ, Uensu Kurāju) is a promising new young Bringer, who visited Aselan to take on the Bringer exam and dreams of becoming the best hunter in the world.



Wenz is a honest young man, believing that achieving one's dreams is all a battle of believing in one's own potential. He prefers to work hard to achieve his goals,


Wenz was first seen encountering Niito and asked him for the direction of the Bringer's exam. Niito lied him and pointed wrong direction. Soon after that he entered the Bribota bar and was surprised it's full of girls. While sitting on the bar, he had a chat with the barmaid, telling her that the Bringer's exam was on different day and that his dream is to become the world greatest Bringer.

After getting a drink and seeing the bill, he understood that he don't have enough money to pay. He was brought outside behind the bar, where 3 men wanted to take the money forcefully telling him to take it from his parents or to sell his sword. A fight broke out and Wenz quickly defeated 2 of the men each with a single punch, sending them flying. He then took out his sword and slammed the 3rd man in the face with it. He then saw Niito, and asked him if he is okay. He then returned to the bar to clear out his bill, but understood that the 3 men were threatening the girls and that he helped them out. Before leaving, Niito asked him if he was serious about his words of believing in yourself and achieving your dreams, to which Wenz replied that all he is doing is trying all his best everyday.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

He is quite skilled fighter, capable of defeating various monsters, earning him the recognition of a shining newcomer in the Bringer's world. He also posses good speed and strength as he was able to send 2 men flying by hitting them in the chest.


  • Niito's nickname for Wenz is "World Greatest".